Bike to School Day Facebook Giveaway

Enter the Bike to School Day Facebook Giveaway challenge for a chance to win 10 Schwinn bikes and 20 Schwinn helmets for Your School!

By 11:59 p.m. PDT on Bike to School Day (May 10):

Register a Bike to School Day event on
Like the Walk and Bike to School Day page on Facebook (either through your personal account or school account).
Submit a response to the question “How could your school use ten bikes and twenty helmets?” by Wednesday, May 10.

Contact at for more information.


Grant Opportunity: Exemplary School Models and Practices (ESMP), A New York State My Brother’s Keeper Initiative

Due Date: June 9, 2017
Eligibility: Large city, New York City, Rural High Needs, Urban/ Suburban High Needs, or NYS public school districts contracted to provide educational services to American Indian reservation populations.
Amount: The maximum award is $140,000 each year for the three-year period. There is a 15% matching funds requirement.

Purpose: The purpose of the ESMP grant is to close the achievement gap and increase academic achievement and college and career readiness (CCR) of students in urban school districts, with an emphasis on boys and young men of color. Grants are awarded to districts that will develop and/or expand exemplary high quality college and career readiness school models, programs and practices that demonstrate cultural and linguistic responsiveness, and emphasize the needs of boys and young men of color.


Grant Opportunity: Farash Foundation Arts and Culture Gift Program

Due Date: Registration due by May 23, 2017.
June 21, 2017: Gifts Announced
Eligibility: 501(c)(3) organizations based in Monroe or Ontario counties (NYS) that are not classified as private foundations or Type III supporting organizations under Section 509.
Purpose: The focus of “Recognizing Our Creative Community: The Farash Arts and Culture Gift Program” has been on institutions that have a primary objective of the promotion of the arts and/or culture through the expression, teaching, or application of human creative skills and imagination, typically in audio, visual, or performance medium.
For more information, visit:
Brockport Research Institute can provide assistance through the application process for funding from the Farash Foundation.


Grant Opportunity: New York State Division of Criminal Justice- Aid to Crime Laboratories

Application Deadline: May 25, 2017 12:00 noon
Purpose: To enhance the capacity of local crime laboratories to process evidence submissions in a timely manner. Funding for personnel, consultants, overtime, lab equipment, and accreditation.
Eligibility: Accredited crime labs in NYS
For more Info:
Brockport Research Institute can provide assistance through the application process for the Aid to Crime Laboratories grant.


Grant Opportunity: Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council

May 2017: Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) Anticipated Application Period
The CFA is the entry point for access to economic development funding in NYS.
May 25, 2017: Next Public Meeting for the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council
The Finger Lakes Region’s Upstate Revitalization Initiative plan consists of three industry clusters, or pillars, that will act as the core drivers of job and output growth: Optics, Photonics, and Imaging; Agriculture and Food Production; and Next Generation Manufacturing and Technology.
For more information, visit:
Brockport Research Institute can provide assistance through the CFA Application process for funding from the Finger Lakes Economic Development Council.


Grant Opportunity: NYSED Teachers of Tomorrow

Application Due: May 18, 2017 5PM
Project Period: July 1, 2017-June 30, 2021.
The purpose of the Teachers of Tomorrow Program is to assist school districts in the recruitment, retention, and certification of qualified teachers in districts experiencing a teacher shortage, especially low-performing schools.
Grant funds will be distributed on a competitive basis to fund activities in each of the following six categories:
1. Teacher Recruitment Incentives
2. Summer in the City Internships for City School Districts in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Yonkers and NYC Dept. of Education
3. Master Teacher Program
4. Tuition Reimbursement Program
5. Science, Mathematics and Bilingual Education Tuition
Reimbursement Program
6. Summer Teacher Training Program for NYC Department of
Education schools only

Award: Varies by location and category
Eligibility: School districts are given priority in the following order:
1. Low-Performing Schools Under Registration Review that are designated as teacher and/or subject shortage areas
2. Low-Performing Schools that are designated as teacher and/or subject shortage areas
3. Schools that are designated as teacher and/or subject shortage areas.
For complete details, please see the RFP at
Brockport Research Institute’s talented and experienced writers are available to help with your proposal. If you have questions about this opportunity or BRI, please contact Sara Silverstone at or 585-703-5400 or visit


EDC’s Center for Children and Technology (CCT) Playing with Data Research project

The Playing with Data research project is currently recruiting 7th and 8th grade science teachers for a classroom-based study beginning in late September/early October 2017! The NSF-funded project is investigating how teachers use data from video gameplay for formative assessment. Participating teachers will use a mini-unit created to develop students’ basic skills in argumentation. The supplemental mini-unit includes an iPad-based game—Mars Generation One—designed to build argumentation skills through gameplay. The mini-unit also includes comprehensive lesson plans and classroom activities, which will be implemented during teachers’ regular units on Energy, and a capstone project for classroom debate. The length of implementation is approximately 3 weeks. Participants will be expected to spend approximately 10 hours beyond their regular teaching time completing study requirements (e.g., completing surveys and participating in interviews). Teachers will receive a $500.00 stipend at the end of the study.
Please visit the program website for more information:

Eligibility: To be eligible for the pilot and impact study, teachers may need access to iPads and Internet for every student during classroom periods when implementing the Playing with Data mini-unit.
Participating teachers will receive stipends of $500. Teachers who participate in the impact study will also receive teacher lesson plans (a supplemental mini-unit), premium access to the LRNG-GlassLab teacher dashboard, and premium access to all LRNG-GlassLab games for all participating students for one calendar year.

If you’re interested in participating, please email Heather Kim at or call her at 212-807-4225.


Grant Opportunity: National Endowment for the Humanities- Humanities Access Grant

Deadline for applications: May 3, 2017
Humanities Access grants help support capacity building for humanities programs that benefit one or more of the following groups: children, family, and young adults 18-30. Programs supported by Humanities Access grants have included a young readers’ initiative sponsored by a state humanities council, a “family conversations” program at a rural historical society connecting the area’s cultural and natural resources, and internships for students at a liberal arts college to work in local cultural organizations during the summer.

Eligibility: The grants provide funding for existing programs at institutions such as public libraries, local and regional museums, historical societies, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, archival repositories, and other cultural organizations.

Humanities Access Grants offer two years of match-based funding. All funds must be expended by the end of the grant period. Humanities Access grant funds should not be used to replace existing program funds but to expand or enhance an existing humanities program. Institutions that have never received an NEH grant and small to mid-sized institutions are especially encouraged to apply.

Award Information: NEH will offer successful applicants a one-to-one matching grant of either $50,000 or $100,000 divided evenly over the first two years of the three-year grant.
The Humanities Access grant period begins May 1, 2017 and ends September 30, 2020. Annual certification of gifts is due no later than May 1, 2018; and May 1, 2019.

Brockport Research Institute (BRI) is available to help with writing a proposal. If you have questions about this opportunity or BRI, please contact Sara Silverstone at or 585-703-5400 or visit


Grant Opportunity: Economic Development Administration Public Works Program

EDA’s Public Works program helps distressed communities revitalize, expand, and upgrade their physical infrastructure, enabling communities to attract new industry; encourage business expansion; diversify local economies; and generate or retain long-term, private-sector jobs and investment through the acquisition or development of land and infrastructure improvements. Program investments help transition communities from distressed to competitive by developing key public infrastructure, such as technology-based facilities that utilize distance learning networks, smart rooms, and smart buildings; multitenant manufacturing and other facilities; business and industrial parks with fiber optic cable; and telecommunications and development facilities. EDA also invests in traditional public works projects, including water and sewer systems improvements, industrial parks, business incubator facilities, expansion of port and harbor facilities, skill-training facilities, and brownfields redevelopment.

Eligibility: Nonprofits, institutions of higher education, county governments, special district governments, city or township governments. See website for complete list.

For more Information:

Deadline: There are no submission deadlines under this opportunity. Proposals and applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the publication of a new EDAP FFO.

Brockport Research Institute (BRI) is available to help with writing a proposal or to serve as an external evaluator. If you have questions about this opportunity or BRI, please contact Sara Silverstone at or 585-703-5400 or visit


Teacher Grant Opportunity from Frontier

Grant: $1,000
Eligibility: School teachers and college professors.
Application Deadline: April 30, 2017

Teachers must submit either a 300-500 word essay or 1-2 minute video on the following prompt:
The Internet provides students a vast resource for research and learning. Yet navigating the beneficial and dangerous places online has been an ever-evolving battle. What have you as a teacher and your classes learned when it comes to cyber safety?

For more information, please visit:

If you have any further questions, please contact Jason Linton, Community Manager