Farash Grant: 2018 Arts and Culture Gift Program is Open

Grant Opportunity: 2018 Arts and Culture Gift Program: Recognizing Our Creative Community.  This program focuses on institutions that have as their primary objective the promotion of the arts and/or culture through the expression, teaching, or application of human creative skills and imagination, typically in audio, visual, or performance medium.

all 501c3 Arts and Cultural organizations in Monroe and Ontario counties.

Important Dates: 
  • Due Date:  February 27, 2018
  • Award Date: April 25, 2018
For more information: Visit the Foundation website www.farashfoundation.org.
Brockport Research Institute can provide assistance through the application process as well as throughout the evaluation process.  Click here for more information about our grant services.  

NEA Arts Grants for Organizations

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has listed their submission deadlines for the 2017 Grants for Organizations.  They separate the funding into several sub-categories, including Art Works, Challenge America, Our Town, and Research: Art Works.  Two of these programs are still accepting submissions for the 2017 grant year.

Art Works is a matching funds program that supports projects and activities that make a difference in their field or community. This program has an initial submission deadline of February 7th, but they ask you to register by January 25.

The Challenge America program seeks to share the arts with underserved populations via a matching grant program. The first submission deadline is April 4, but they require registration by March 22.

For more details about eligibility and submission requirements, please visit their website.



Grants Available for Artists From the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation


The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation is recognizing the work of non-commercial artists by providing grants of up to $15,000 for first time applicants.  Applicants must be artists of a representational style of art such as painting, drawing, sculpture, or printmaking who are over the age of 18 and demonstrate a commitment to making art lifetime career.

Applications are accepting year-round.  Visit their website for more information and details on how to apply.


Walt Whitman Poetry Award Opens September 1st


The Academy of American Poets announces that they will begin accepting submissions for their Walt Whitman Poetry Award starting on September 1, 2016.  The $5,000 prize is offered to poets who have not yet published in book format. The winner will have their work published by Greywolf Press in paperback format within 1 year of the contest.

The award is open to all US citizens (or residents of 10 years), the poems must be in English, and there are no limitations on the format of the poetry.

The submission period runs from September 1, 2016 through November 1, 2016.  To learn more on how to apply, visit the Academy of American Poets.


Grant Opportunity for 15-18 year old Artists from National YoungArts Foundation

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.12.37 PM

The National YoungArts Foundation is currently accepting applications to their grant program.  Cash awards of up to $10,000 are available for young artists in the fields of Cinema, Design, Theater, Writing, Classical Music, Jazz, Visual Arts, Dance, Photography, and Voice.  YoungArts offers these cash awards as an alternative to traditional scholarships and it allows students to spend the funds any way they see fit to further their education and hone their craft.

Applicants should be between the ages of 15-18 as of December 1, 2016, and must be a US citizen or have permanent resident status.  There is a $35 application fee, but YoungArts also has a fee-waiver program available.

The deadline for applications is October 14, 2016.  To read more and apply, visit the National YoungArts Foundation website.


The Farash Foundation Arts and Culture Gift Program

The Farash Foundation has created a grant to recognize the creativity in your community.

The program is open to all 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations in Monroe and Ontario County New York.  They wish to recognize those who make art and those who curate culture, and wish to enhance the lives of people at every socioeconomic level.  Groups can apply to win an annual gift which is part of their three-year, $1.2 million giving program.

Apply soon! The deadline for applications is Tuesday, May 24th.farash_logo

Visit their website for details.