Congratulations to the Geneseo Migrant Center!

We are pleased to announce that the Geneseo Migrant Center was just awarded a two-million dollar High School Equivalency grant (H.E.P.) from the U. S Department of Education



The Geneseo Migrant Center is a division of the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership and provides a variety of services to migrant farm workers in the area:

“The Geneseo Migrant Center provides a variety of services and opportunities for migrant farm workers and their families on a regional, statewide, and national basis to encourage and assist them in achieving their full potential.”

Funding from the H.E.P grant will allow them to extend their services to migrant students and family members working towards a High School Equivalency Diploma from New York State.

Brockport Research Institute was  proud to assist the Geneseo Migrant Center with their grant application. We will continue to work with the Center as outside evaluators for their H.E.P. program.





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