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Professional Learning

Standards for Continuous Improvement

We have recently updated our professional development offerings to include a focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as Social Emotional Learning, co-teaching, Social Studies Across the curriculum, and online teaching. We continue to offer a wide range of topics in both content and pedagogy. 

Our extensive network of experienced educators have a wide range of expertise that enables us to provide quality customized professional learning opportunities that will meet your needs, even if it isn't in our catalog.  

Our professional development meets national standards for professional learning that lead to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved results. Contact BRI to for a one-on-one consultation, to learn how our customized learning solutions can help your organization meet its professional learning goals

Learning Forward (2023). Revised Standards for Professional Learning.

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“I think this session was very informative and allowed for good exploration of the concepts.”
-Teaching Assistant

       “Please continue the great research, and                sharing. I’ve learned more and feel more 
prepared for the future" 
- Social Learning Specialist

“I gained many resources I can directly use with my students.” - School Counselor

       "This was a great workshop! The information that
was given was very useful and very 

“Cultural Diversity is extremely important for the success of the kids we work with.
More teachers in the district
need this training. All of RCSD needs to.”
-Social Learning Specialist