Emperor Science Award

The Emperor Science Award is a competitive program that offers 10th and 11th grade students a chance to work with a mentoring scientist to explore the world of cancer research.

100 winning students from across the country with a passion for science will be paired with a university-level mentoring scientist to collaborate on an important cancer research project. Whether virtually or in a lab, students will be able to connect with their mentors to develop valuable research, organization and communication skills. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The Emperor Science Award also provides an exceptional addition to a student’s educational resume, and can help prepare them for higher level research opportunities.

Student applicants will write a 750 word essay addressing a question provided in the instructions, and complete the application.

The award includes:

  • A unique virtual mentoring opportunity with an esteemed scientist and collaboration on a multi-week cancer research project.
  • Free Google Chromebook (value $250).
  • $1500 check to be used for expenses incurred during the research project and learning.


Deadline: Friday March 17th at 11:59 pm EST.

Eligibility:  Students enrolled in grades 10 and 11 for school year 2016-‐2017 in the United States and District of Columbia


For more information, please visit the website:




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