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Literacy Design Collaborative RFP Available

Apr 08, 2016 at 09:00 am by sara

Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) is an instructional design system created to help educators enhance literary skills among K-12th grade children. The tools provided by the LDC system allows students to improve success in all content areas including social studies, science, English language, and career and technology education. kids The Research Foundation of the State University of New York is offering grants up to $5,000  to ten schools, districts, or BOCES so they can  participate in the LDC. The money is intended to fund: "travel to attend LDC workshops; cover the costs of substitutes for teachers attending LDC workshops; host LDC workshop and training sessions in your schools, BOCES, or region; and/or to develop customized curriculum guides for adapting the LDC tools that can be shared with interested colleagues." To apply please email  Kristine Newson, Project Management Associate in the Office of the Education Pipeline at Your proposal should include:
  • Name of your school, district, or BOCES
  • Name and contact information for teachers or school leaders who will be serving as project leads •
  • Why are you interested in the LDC? What specific goals will be addressed through adapting LDC tools in your school, district, or BOCES?
  • Please describe your approach to rolling out the LDC tools. What are your plans for implementation? Guidance can be found on the LDC Website at
  • How many teachers or coaches from you school, district, or BOCES do you anticipate using the LDC tools? In what grades and disciplines?
  •  A detailed budget that includes the amount of funding you are requesting and describes how you would plan to use the award.
For help with your application feel free to contact BRI.
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