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Developing Scholarships, Stipends, and Fellowships for STEM Teachers

Jun 21, 2019 at 09:00 am by Amanda Lai

Grant Opportunity: The National Science Foundation's Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program aims to address the need for K-12 STEM teachers by providing funds for institutions of higher education (IHEs) to develop pathways leading to STEM teacher certification. Proposals must include partnerships with a local high-need educational agency in which scholarship recipients will have clinical teaching experience. 

Grants are available in the following tracks:

  • Track 1 grants fund scholarships for undergraduate STEM majors and stipends for STEM professionals who become certified STEM teachers.
  • Track 2 grants are awarded to institutions to administer fellowships and programmatic support to STEM professionals.
  • Track 3 grants are awarded to institutions to administer fellowships and programmatic support to certified/licensed teachers who possess a master's or bachelor's degree in their field. 
  • Track 4 grants fund research projects that investigate STEM teacher effectiveness, persistence, and/or retention in high-need local educational agencies, with a focus on teachers that have received Noyce awards.

Capacity Building Grants provide funds for IHEs to develop models, strategies, and infrastructure for recruiting, preparing, and supporting teachers in a future Noyce project.

Eligibility: U.S. IHEs (i.e. universities, four-year colleges, and/or two-year colleges) or U.S. nonprofit organizations that have established consortia among these institutions are eligible to apply. In addition,  professional societies that are directly associated with educational or research activities are eligible to submit Track 4 proposals. 

Grant Amount: Individual awards are as follows: 

  • Track 1: $1,200,00 maximum
  • Track 2 and Track 3: $3,000,000 maximum
  • Track 4: $800,000 maximum
  • Capacity Building Grants: $75,000 maximum

Grant Period: All grants under the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program have a grant period of five years except for Capacity Building Grants which have a one year grant period. 

Application Deadline: August 27, 2019

For more information: For more information, please visit the grant announcement here. 

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