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6th Annual International Grant Professionals Day

Mar 13, 2020 at 12:30 pm by Amanda Lai

International Grant Professionals Day Logo

March 13th marks International Grant Professionals Day! Established by the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) in 2014, the day is an opportunity to celebrate the work grant professionals do. This holiday recognizes the efforts of all professionals working with grants including those in project administration, consulting, grantmakers, managers, and writers. The work of grant professionals includes not only the financial but also capacity support, long term solutions to challenges, fundraising assistance, expert project management, sustainable programming and so much more. 
At Brockport Research Institute, our Grant Writing team comprises of 20 Grant Writing Associates along with two full-time grant writers, Shellie Clark, BRIs Director of Grants, and Kate Caccavaio, Lead Grant Writer. There are many paths that lead people to grant writing and our Associates come from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse range of specialties including the STEM fields, education, and the humanities. Together, they research, draft, and integrate all the elements needed for successful proposals. Since our opening in 2013, our Grant Associates have secured nearly $50M worth of funding for schools, institutions of higher education, and community organizations throughout the United States. 
Thank you to our BRI Grant Writing Associates who bring their hard work and dedication to their craft every day. To read more about International Grant Professionals Day, visit the GPA website.