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IREPO: Higher Education Funding from the CARES Act

Sep 04, 2020 at 07:30 am by katecaccavaio

Grant Opportunity: The Fall 2020 semester has brought new challenges to Higher Education for students, faculty, and staff. With COVID-19 sparking outbreaks and schools implementing hybrid or online-only instruction, the US Department of Education invites institutions of higher education (IHEs) to apply for the Institutional Resilience and Expanded Postsecondary Opportunity Grants Program (IREPO). This program is funded under the CARES Act specifically for schools determined to have the greatest unmet needs as it relates to COVID-19 disruptions.

IREPO has one absolute priority and three competitive priorities used to determine the greatest unmet needs of IHEs:

Absolute Priority: “Projects that will provide financial support to IHEs  to enable them to resume operations, serve the needs of students, reduce disease transmission, and/or implement safe and effective instructional delivery models, that will enable safe in-person learning and expand remote learning opportunities when necessary.”

Competitive Priority 1: Developing Resilient Instructional Delivery Models. Projects that propose to use grant funds to expand the institution's capacity to develop or expand instructional delivery models, such as remote learning opportunities, to students who cannot or choose not to attend classroom-based instruction both during and after the COVID-19 national emergency.

Competitive Priority 2: Providing Dual Enrollment Opportunities to Students Who Live or Attend School in a Rural Community or Opportunity Zone. Projects that provide high-quality postsecondary dual enrollment opportunities, which may include career and technical education programs, to high school students who live in or attend high school (including students who are homeschooled) in rural communities or Opportunity Zones.

Competitive Priority 3: Title III and Title V Participating Institutions. Projects that-

·        Are led by an institution eligible to receive assistance under Title III or under Title V of the HEA;

·        Include as a consortium partner more than one such institution; or

·        Include as a consortium partner one such institution.

Eligibility: IHEs (i.e. universities, four-year colleges, and/or two-year colleges) and non-profit, non-academic organizations (museums, research laboratories, professional research associations)

Grant Amount: Grants range between $1M-$3M, the estimated average grant size is $1.5M.

Grant Period: up to 24 months

Important Dates: 

  • Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply: September 10, 2020 (suggested, not required)
  • Application Deadline: October 20, 2020

For more information: Click here to read the full RFP, review submission instructions, and learn more about eligibility.

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