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AmeriCorps Funding to Support Volunteerism

Jul 29, 2022 at 12:11 am by Amanda Lai

Image of person crossing their arms. Text says "Americorps's Volunteer Generation Fund"

Grant Opportunity: AmeriCorps's Volunteer Generation Fund grants will support efforts in community-based entities to recruit, manage, and retain volunteers to address issues in their community through service. In addition, funding from this award will support projects that strengthen the infrastructure of volunteer connector organizations to expand future volunteering.
Eligibility: Eligible applicants include institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, units of local governments (including school districts and K12 schools), state service commissions, units of states or U.S. territories, and Indian Tribes.
Grant Amount and Grant Period: Funding will vary depending on project scope; however, the minimum amount awarded will be $100, 000. The grant period of Volunteer Generator grants will be at the minimum one year with second and third year awards distributed based on funding and project performance.
Grant Deadline: September 13th. 2022
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