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Developing New York State Apprenticeship Programs

Apr 11, 2023 at 11:16 pm by Amanda Lai

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Grant Opportunity: The New York State Department of Labor's Apprenticeship Expansion Grant aims to address the national middle-skill labor shortage by funding the expansion of New York State Registered Apprenticeship (NYS RA) programs, particularly in the following high-demand fields: Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Information Technology.
Eligibility: New York State entities that sponsor active or probationary NYS RA programs are eligible to apply. 
Grant Amount and Grant Period:  The Apprenticeship Expansion Grant will award up to $15,000 per apprentice with a maximum of $300,000. Applicants awarded a grant through this RFA may re-apply for up to an additional $300,000 after successfully registering 80% of the planned number of apprentices into their NYS RA program and expending at least 80% of the awarded funds if sufficient funding and time remain. The grant period for this grant is up to 12 months.
Application Due: August 30th, 2024
For more information: For more information, click here for the request for proposals. In addition, frequently asked questions and answers can be viewed here.
Brockport Research Institute is a NYS-certified woman-owned business enterprise that provides grant-writing, evaluation, project management, and professional learning services.  If you or your organization are interested in this grant and want to know how Brockport Research Institute can help, please contact us at or 1585-431-3416. Brockport Research Institute is not affiliated with this grant program or the New York State Department of Labor.